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Mauritius Tourism Overview
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Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. The place is very well known as a perfect honeymoon destination. Enjoy this relaxing trip to the most with Mauritius tourism guide. The natural beauty and the crystal clear water will make you speechless. Mauritius is just an island paradise making it one of the most romantic
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Other than beauty, Mauritius is famous for its hospitality and its artificial handicrafts. Undoubtedly, Mauritius tourism is the prettiest place you will ever going to visit. The country is none other than a cluster of beaches and islands and thus offer lots of adventurous activities. Walk on the sand, dive into the deep water and explore new species of aquatic animals and then after being tired, eat some new varieties of really delicious seafood. You will get all types of varieties of food including Indian, Chinese, Italian and much more. Mauritius climate offers whole year tourism.
Top Attractions of the Mauritius
Trou d 'Argent Beach: it is one of Mauritius’s beautiful places. Visitors love to wander on this beach and enjoy the sight of white sand, unique rocks, and blue water. You can relax and enjoy the sunbath. Feel the laziness of the sand and splash around the water. Spend a quality time with your love partner. Le Morne Brabant: on the summit of Southeast Mauritius, it is a peninsula. A perfect place for clicking some wide angle shots and photos. Initially, it was used to provide a space to the slaves to hide. Refugees from Africa and South Asia were used to live in the caves present at the top of the mountain. Another special thing about this place is that in 2008, UNESCO awarded this place as World Heritage Site. Enjoy the site from your hotel’s room as there are some luxury hotels at the

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