Essay On Mayans

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Mexico and Central America are both frequently visited places by tourist due to the rich diversity and history. A group of indigenous people who lived in areas of present day parts of Mexico and Central America had one of the most complex and sophisticated civilizations in what was called "Mesoamerica." The Mayan Civilization was one of the most dominate societies of now Mexico and Central America. The Mayan civilization excelled in many remarkable scientific achievements that amaze scholars today. The Mayans are very known for their achievements in mathematics, astrology, agriculture, and even engineering. The Maya were an ancient civilization that stretched through parts of Mexico and Central America and can be traced back all the way to…show more content…
The Mayan civilization were great builders. Mayans built very sophisticated temples and cities around the Mexican peninsula and Centro America. One of the famous Mayan pyramids was the Chichén Itzá in Mexico. They often decorated their buildings with stones carving, stucco statues, and paint. Mayan architecture is important for us because Maya life is still available to study. Researchers believe that the Maya created rubber on accident during a ceremonial ritual that included combining materials of the rubber tree and morning glory plant. Until this day, it 's a mystery how the Mayans build such incredible…show more content…
They used to track the movement of the sun, as well the moon; that 's how the determined time, decisions and even war. Mayans also played a game Similar to what we call soccer today and known back then was Pok ta tok. This was a game that included a five-pound rubber ball and a court with ring "hoops" that were very high up on the game court. The objective of the game was to get into teams and get the rubber ball into the hoop on the side of the court without using your hands. This game was very difficult and usually would be done when the 1st person gets the rubber ball through the ring. The winners of the game were named heroes with high honor and would be given a feast, while the losing team would be sacrificed to
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