Mcdonald's Marketing Mix Essay

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Research Question: How effective is the marketing mix of McDonalds?
What is marketing? Marketing is the process where sellers introduce and promote their product to the buyers. What is meant by marketing mix? Marketing mix is a type of marketing strategy that business use to promote their product, marketing mix includes the 4 Ps which are Price, Product, Place and Promotion, so in the marketing mix for the product it means is the product good quality, for the price it means is the product price being right charged, place means, is the product being available in the right place, and for the promotion it means is the product promoted in the right that it suits the product. How important is effective marketing in business? An effective marketing for a business is really important the key for a successful business is an effective marketing for the business’s product, most businesses use the marketing mix so they can promote their product using the 4 Ps which are product, price, place, and promotion so that they can have a successful business, having an effective marketing for a business this reduces the risk of failure in a business.
McDonald’s uses marketing mix which are (The 4 Ps) price, product, place, and promotion to sell their product successfully. So McDonalds uses the 4 Ps, so for product McDonald’s has different

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