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Meaning of life The meaning of life for everyone is different. Some people turn to god or science to look for their meaning others simply don’t have a meaning of life. Like those who live every day as it were there last. Others think that the meaning of life lies in god. Those people are the ones who go to church everyday. They spend all their time trying to follow the bible and what the church says. They try to be good all the time and try not to sin so they can get into heaven. All thought I am a christian and believe in god my self I think that’s kind of dumb in a way because we don’t even know if god really does exist. And all the time we spent doing all those things to go to heaven would have been a waste if we end up dying and there…show more content…
Like going to a job you don’t even like. This can lead to many people thinking there is no meaning in life. But I think in finding a meaning in life we have to find our purpose in life too. A lot of people don’t find a meaning in life until they have a near death experience. Then they start to appreciate everything they have and everyone they have in life. There are two types of people the first one is the one who would live an eternal life. The other one is the one who would actually want to die, but leave their mark on earth before they die. The second person probably thinks they have the meaning of life figured out because they know their purpose and want to be known after they die. But personally I would rather live life for eternity instead of leaving my mark on earth. And this all ties back to the question what is the meaning of life. Personally I think there is no meaning in life.’’life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. Its a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.’’joseph campbell. So what’s the point in finding the answer when we are the answer like this quote says. But this is what i think right now as a highschool student my mentality could change over time and with more life experiences i might actually find a meaning in

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