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Meatloaf Recipe
Meatloaf is a baked or smoked ground meat dish shaped into loaf with some ingredients. Meatloaf dish is usually made from ground pork, ground beef but but meat like veal, lamb, chicken and turkey can be used. It is considered as an American dish. A plate of meatloaf with mashed potatoes is considered the ideal American style. This is a common dish in America. It is rare to find a diner in American that doesn 't serve this dish.

This is a very easy meatloaf recipe. It won 't take tome to make and can fit into any occasion. It is a great meal for Sunday feast. It is simply a loaf-shaped meat, baked or smoked. In some regions, like Vietnam, meatloaf is boiled instead of bing baked or smoked.

The meatloaf dish originated from the Italian immigrants who migrated to the Northeastern states. In order to save the
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Meat were ground and shaped like a loaf and baked. This is wise, people tend to consume more meat.
However, in making a perfect meatloaf recipe, beef is the best option to go for. In some regions, both pork and beef are combined together in equal amount.

Some tips in making meatloaf
While using beef in making meatloaf is great. It holds the meat together and makes it excellent and gives a tasty flavor. On the other hand, adding ground pork (lean pork to be precise) will add more juiciness to the loaf. While ground veal will add lightness to the loaf. Using lean chicken or lean turkey will absolutely reduce the calorie content and fat.
To add more flavor and aroma to the loaf, add barbecue sauce to the loaf before its finished baking.
Add some bacons to top of the meatloaf before baking.
Spread foil or paper on the loaf pan. Its makes it easier to remove the loaf when done.
Preferably, use cracker crumbs or soft bread crumbs. This makes it more appealing instead of the dry bread crumbs.
Bake the loaf in a cup. It gives it

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