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A lot of buildings are being constructed nowadays resulting to increased rates of job opportunities. A lot of paper works and tight schedule assigned for meetings and gatherings are always present. As an office worker, he must stay productive in spite of the factors that make him stressed to be able to meet the deadline for a certain requirement. Mechanical ventilation present in workspace plays a big role in achieving this goal. The quality of mechanical ventilation present can make a worker productive or sterile. The purpose of this research is to know the factors of mechanical ventilation that should be considered or avoided that affects the worker’s productivity. To have a better understanding, these are the following questions to be…show more content…
The room with poor ventilation increases carbon dioxide as the time flows. From 1000 ppm (parts per million) carbon dioxide to 4000ppm carbon dioxide, causing the people inside the room to be tired. (Firestone, R.,(2011)) What are the Legal Issues related to Mechanical Ventilation on a Workplace? A section under Work etc Act of 1974, there is a related to ventilation. It is ’The Health and Safety at Work etc Act of 1974”, as an employer, you must secure the safety of your workers by having a workplace that is safe and reasonable (HSE Books, 2000). This regulation suggests that the working place is acceptable to the standards of general ventilation; it must meet the recommended rate of fresh air supply within the workplace. Ventilation equipment such as air-conditioners, electric fans, exhaust fans are properly maintained and working in a good manner. A regulation under “The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992”, suggests that maintained mechanical ventilation must be provided; it must be in good repair, in an efficient state, and in a proper working manner (HSE Books,

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