Essay On Media Ethics In Pakistan

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Media ethics in Pakistan:
In this age of information, where everything is just a click away, life seems unfinished without news updates. To keep informed about one’s city before walking out of the home, has now become a routine for every citizen, in mostly all the countries especially in Pakistan.
Media in Pakistan has seen innovatory success in no time. During the last ten years, the number of people extended by mass media has increased and its media’s role in their life has affectedly increased. Uncountable channels have appeared in last few years. From news to entertaining, from dramas to fashion and from cooking to religion, you’ve out-and-out channels for everything, even for health. Media, indeed, has a main role in affecting public
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Ethics is all about how to deal with your life, how you perform in your life. Your ethics is a replication of your personality, your upbringing, your background both family and professionally.
When talking about media ethics, it is about how to form and present the news, what should be the language, how to uphold the balance, how to respect the secrecy of others, how to keep the content unique and etc. Unfortunately, in Pakistan some so called and self-proclaimed reporters, who, instead of being role models, are trying to abolish the real appearance of media. That days are gone when reporters were only involved in handling news or helping hidden agendas, but now the media is into inflaming violence against opponents or other groups. They’ve become the judge and a state within the state.
There are many examples of how individuals have handled news, created false stories, insulted the privacy of people, and also rousing for violence. A devoted follower of Pakistani media is already mindful of such

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