Essay On Media Fans

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A media Fan is seen as a subject that is trivialized and dismissed and so this essay will investigate how a fan is a ‘complex and contradictory arena for critical enquiry’ A fan is depicted to be obsessed, lonely and false worshippers but fans can be more than that as they can be active producers that develop their own meanings from the media. This essay will discuss how fans are seen as destructive and deviant as well as how they can be useful textual poachers who construct their own culture from materials. Relevant examples will be included as evidence. A fan is abbreviated from the word fanatic which means someone who is overly obsessed with a specific celebrity (Jenkins, 1992:12). A fan is normally someone who has an interest in a celebrity…show more content…
Fans are seen as people who feel inadequate with themselves and they are drawn to the fantasy of celebrity life as it is depicted as perfect by the media due to Jenson (1992:14). Celebrity culture is hugely related to fans as celebrities are the reasons fans exist due to Jenson (1992:10). There are different types and stereotypes about gender. The female fans are eroticized as they tend to develop an intimate bond and attraction with the celebrity (Jenkins, 1992:15). An example is women scream and faint at concerts because they are emotionally attached and they want to posses their favourite celebrity and be possessed by them (Jenkins, 1992:15). An example of this is the female fans of ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Elvis Presley’ they literally throw themselves at the singers, they tear the clothes off the band and they faint if they touch his clothing or body (Jenkins, 1992:15). This is evidence that a fan is an obsessive person who creates a fascination with fantasy and thinks they can be with this
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