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Media plays an important role to receive or distribute information across the society. The mass medium has been introduced back in the olden day and continually being brought until todays. During the colonialism era, the power of media imperialism has become one of the most influential factors that shape the cultural perspective and identity. Asian countries typically consumed more media from the Western. Therefore, this purpose of this essay is to clarify on how the three readings provided critically discuss on how it addresses and contribute to the understanding on the media, culture and identity in Asian context. At the same time, this essay will also reflect on how the readings challenged the way of understanding Asia. The first reading by Chadha and Kavoori (2015) argue whether the concept of media…show more content…
Even though the Korean popular culture has successfully expanded its market to the East and South East Asia regions, but still it has not really infiltrated throughout the Western countries. In my opinion, the Westernisation of media is still relevant in today’s life. Most people in the Asia regions still rely on Western television products as the form of entertainment. Even though most western based television programmes such as gameshows, reality TV shows and films have been localised to suit the local interest, thus the Asian will gradually lose its own original identity. Does localisation make it Asian despite the fact that initially it was derived from the Western? In another ten years, what will happens to the Asian distinctiveness? Will it withstand against the Western globalisation of media or eventually fall apart and slowly start to adapt with what currently dominating the world. With that being said, it is not saying that Westernisation is not good but the process of recognising Asian owns culture is also playing\ a big role to maintain its genuine

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