Essay On Influence Of Media On People

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One of the most things that have an impact on people’s past, present and future is media. The mass media is a diversified collection of media technologies that reach a large audience via mass communication (Wikipedia). Media was created to be as a source to get knowledge, entertainment, money and updated news. Moreover, media users are increasing day after day by using it in several ways. There are big influence on people with different ages, genders and races on their lives and many of them are using it with many ways. In this essay, I will demonstrate about the media’s influence on people by interviewing five person with different group ages and genders to get information about how are people using media, why are they using it, where are…show more content…
Also, all genders and all ages agreed about the importance of smartphone. personF was always buying the latest smartphones because he loved to keep pace with technology even it was a silly version because his friends was competing in schools in owning the latest smartphones. Also he mentioned that the latest phones helped him to keep him progress in online games! PersonS and PersonSu quite similar to each other because they agreed to use social media and purchasing movies through smartphones. Also, they mentioned that the first tool to access their emails and university portals by smartphones. PersonA was a really rare person; he mentioned that he never used a smartphone before because he preferred to have a peaceful and quite life. PersonM was forced to have a smartphone because he was businessman and doctor, so he cannot manage between his works and his patients in computer only. Because he valued his time well and he always seek for a new achievements in his life. Every person has a different views and interests about using smartphones. Person F was caring about games and latest technology. PersonS and PErsonSu cares about social life. No interests at all for peronA in smartphone. PersonM was caring about his career and how the smartphone will improve his
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