Essay On Media Violence

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Violence in Mass Media Video games train killers. Movies have way too much violence. People who see a lot of violence become unsensitive in a long-term period. Those are the main points about violence in mass media. People want violence to be reduced because violence in media causes aggression in kids and some adults. Violence causes kids to use violence they pick up on media and use it in the real world. Kids who watch a lot of violence at a young age may not be able to tell the difference from what’s good and what’s bad. Many of the mass shooting gunman were big time game players and most of the games they played were violent. More kids who played violent video games got into more fight than kids who didn’t play violent video games. Violence…show more content…
The types of mass media consist of movies, videogames, television/news, and social media. Each different type of media has some level of violence. Some has more restrictions than others and some have more filters on what you see. On YouTube if your account age is not old enough you won’t be allowed to view certain videos. While there is no complete connection the media violence causes aggressions, there are still plenty of signs the can show some of the effects that media violence has a on people. Most movies and games have ratings, so the correct ages are playing or watching games and movies in their age level. Movie theaters will not let kid’s underage into the movies unless they had a parent with them, but at home kids have access to any movie video and game that they want. Most of the world is filled with violence. Kids that watch the new witness all the real-world violence which could cause them to be depressed and scared of the real world. Cartoons like “Tom and Jerry” are filled with violence Tom and Jerry basically try to kill each other in every show that airs on tv and a lot of kids are seeing that, they are learning from cartoons like “Tom and Jerry”. Also, with WWE kids try wrestling moves that they get off tv on their friends and causes plenty of
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