Essay On Medical Coding

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1/ The ever-changing world of the medicine and the need to stay up to date on the specialty coding in which the student ends up performing: Chances are that we have been to the doctor’s office and maybe even your local hospital a few times in our life (though hopefully not too often!). We have seen doctors, nurses and office administrators hard at work in these settings, but how much do you really know about what they do? Well, we’ll take you behind the scenes at hospitals and doctors’ offices. Our dream to enter the field of medicine is an important one. Once we learn the technical and administrative skills presented in this course, we’ll be one of the most versatile employees in health care today. As a Medical Billing and Coding (also called a COD), we will have many choices as we grow and mature in your career. We’ll be qualified to apply for jobs in hospitals, labs, clinics and many other facilities. We may find that we enjoy both front office and back office duties. This will make you an even more valuable employee. Being a medical billing and coding (COD) will open doors for us as a respected and vital member of the medical team. All we need to do is keep reading. Also, E/M coding is of the highest importance, and coordination of…show more content…
Up until 1996, using HCPCS was optional. In that year, however, the government passed the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. We’ll look closer at that very important piece of legislation in later courses, but for now, all you need to know is that HIPAA made the use of HCPCS mandatory in certain cases. Example: if you are coding, say, the placement of a tracheal stent for an elderly patient who is on Medicare, you would still use the CPT code
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