Essay On Medical Ethics

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The practice of medicine has been around since Roman Empires and Ancient Egypt. Since then technology, knowledge, and process have been amplified and modify to fit the needs of the colonizing planet. Morals, ethics, beliefs, and religion has stood upon the plant for the same amount of time as the practice of medicine. The right and wrong of doing, the standards of behavior or beliefs determining what is and is not acceptable to do, society and personal opinion, family and friends are all influences in effect to the perspective of the world. Combining the practice of medicine and the idea of ethics and moral beliefs have caused problems amongst the medical community. Through centuries the act of medical practices have yet improved, as of today, many issues concerning medical and moral ethics is still present in the modern practice of medicine. Regardless of sex, race, economic standing, and beliefs people have been tested on, and doctors have failed to follow the Standard of Care for the treatment of their patients

The past practices of medicine have been unsanitary, and not exactly précised. In many cases, the
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Experiments are still being performed with the problem amongst moral and ethical differences between the medical industry and society still growing. Doctors are to ensure the patient that s/he is in the being taken care of in the right way and effective to benefit them and their health. Yet Dr. Atogho Registered OB/GYN residing at the North Shore Medical Center, neglected to provide his patient the right care which caused severe injury to her child by using the “Kiwi Vacuum” instead of the following procedure and going with the cesarean, the patient child is now suffering from major brain damage
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