Essay On Medical Ghostwriting

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industry relies on the fame of national politicians and celebrities” in order to thrive (Brandt 549). Speechwriting is one of the most common and accepted practice of ghostwriting. In 2003, Dennis Kucinich argued that because he never used ghostwriters to write his speeches or his books, he was trustworthier than the other candidates. Common people have a general distrust towards people who use ghostwriting services, because ghostwriters are never recognized on even a copyright page. Therefore, one can never be certain of the information they are reading and whether or not it is an actual representation of the “author.” When used in politics, some people believe that by using a ghostwriter to write the speeches, the politician is not accurately…show more content…
Amongst the many controversies pertaining to ghostwriting, the most discussed are medical and scholarly. Medical ghostwriting is under intense scrutiny because of the already existing unethical practices of modern pharmaceutical companies. Since pharmacy is a business instead of a public service, pharmaceutical companies promote their products for profit. Because drug markets sell medicine for profit, the general population has a general distrust towards the medicine industry. Not only are pharmaceutical companies already associated with deceit by turning medicine into a business, they use ghostwriting services to occasionally exaggerate products. Academic ghostwriting, on the other hand, is highly controversial because only those who are a part of the academic community have insights into the practice. Ghostwriting for academic purposes can cause information to become inaccurately portrayed. Credibility is often measured by how credible the author of the work is, but when another person writes in the name of the credible source, the writing loses its credibility. Since ghostwriters do not legally have rights to their work, they cannot tell the general public about who is the true author of a
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