Essay On Medical Negligence

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Medical negligence in today’s era has become one of the most serious issue of concern to the society worldwide. In India there has been certain rise in the number of complaints by the citizens or the persons affected either directly or indirectly through the curse of medical negligence. The law imposes the duty of care in the subject matter of medical course of action, but the actual responsibility of the duty is upon the doctors, hospitals and every member who is related with the said profession. Due to certain landmark judgements passed by the Honourable Supreme Court of India there has been a certain increase in the level of the medical reasoning and standards of care, but it yet not matches the international standards.

Medical Negligence

It was rightly said by Richard Seizer “If people understood that doctors weren 't divine, perhaps the odor of malpractice might diminish .” For a patient, the doctor is like God. And, the almighty can never commit any mistake but that is what the patient thinks or believes. In reality, doctors are human beings. And, to err is human. Doctors may commit a mistake, but committing a mistake due to one’s own carelessness is defined as negligence.The Black law dictionary definition of negligence “conduct, whether of
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Since no man is perfect in this world, it is evident that a person who is skilled and has knowledge over a particular subject can also commit mistakes during his practice. Too err is human but to replicate the same mistake due to one’s carelessness is negligence. The fundamental reason behind medical error or medical negligence is the carelessness of the said doctors or medical professionals it can be observed in various cases where reasonable care is not taken during the diagnosis, during operations, sometimes while injecting anesthesia

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