Essay On Medieval Culture And Entertainment

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Art and entertainment was an important part of Medieval culture during the Middle Ages much as it is to our culture today. There is a cross-culture enjoyment for celebrations, sports, parties, and games. Music played an important role during the Middle Ages. People considered music an art much like our culture does today. Our current culture and society finds a certain level of entertainment value celebrations, sports, and music. We us it to make community connections much like humans did during the High Middle Ages. Entertainment was and is able to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. No matter how little or great your financial means, there is the availability of something for entertainment.

While individuals in the Middle Ages did not celebrate holidays by taking weeks off at a time like we do now for Spring Break and Christmas Break, they did have lots of festivals, fairs, carnivals, and feasts. The two major days celebrated the most were Easter and Christmas. On these days the local villagers (upper class or lower class) would gather and celebrate. These celebrations included eating, drinking, music, games, and dancing.

People of the Middle Ages enjoyed playing games. One popular game was chess. According to the history of Chess, it came to Europe from Persia in the 6th century.
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It is how we connect and relate to other humans in our culture and society. Entertainment is a form of expression using art, music, and even sports. Knowing that much of our art and entertainment has derived from previous ages, it gives us a firmer global perspective of different cultures. I believe using entertainment as a stress reliever was something the Medieval culture identified early on during the Middle Ages and over time each culture molded and adapted forms of entertainment to fit their societal
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