Essay On Medieval Religion

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Outline 2 In medieval Europe the dominant religion was roman catholicism, and many believed fervently in the teachings of the church. Therefore in many ways the church greatly shaped the lives of average europeans. Although religion is not practiced in europe today the same way it was practiced in the middle ages it is still important to analyze it, because it has had a great impact on Europe's development. Some of the characteristics of medieval religion are a belief in a devil that manifests itself in the world, a belief that relics imparted miracles to those around them, and a belief that saints would help those that love them. A key part of medieval religion was a belief that the devil could and had manifested in the world to lead astray…show more content…
Relics would have commonly been the body parts of saints or their personal items. These items were commonly believed to bring good fortune and health to those around them “hiding the arm in one of the columns, began to grow exceedingly wealthy” (Relics). Therefore these relics were thought to be extremely sacred and holy to those catholics. They would also be very valuable and hard to procure. A final characteristic of medieval religion was a belief that saints would help those that loved them. A saint being someone who was exceptionally virtuous or holy in life was thought to help people even after their death. Therefore many catholics had saints that they will lavish with affection. In return for this affection it is was commonly thought that saints would help these people by performing miracles or just making things go their way “it is sufficiently evident how much the blessed apostles love and glorify those who glorify them” (Relics). Religion in the middle ages was certainly more radical than it is today in Europe. The idea of the devil manifesting in the real world in particular has definitely subsided. Other characteristics however still persist. These include the belief in the power of relics and the belief in the powers of dead saints even if they are practiced to a lesser
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