Essay On Medieval Values

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Medieval Values Essay America is known for being a union of cultures from all over the world due to the amount of people that migrate to the United States. When immigration to America boomed, people brought their cultures and customs with them, shaping the United States into what it is today, in addition to the early founding documents of the United States. Modern-day America is one that favors ambition, respect, and liberty while still maintaining a nonchalant manner in interactions with strangers, friends, and family members. Many of the people that came to the United States came from England, where during medieval times, social conflict prevailed— thanks to feudalism and the designated positions/expectations for women and peasants— and the Bubonic Plague was a disease that put the majority of western Europe in jeopardy. Regardless of the circumstance, many people in England found it significant to keep their wits about…show more content…
Chaucer’s introductory statements of the friar mention that he is “a limiter, a very festive fellow” (128). A limiter is described as a local religious figure that begged for the church and this was a responsibility placed on only so many people, since it required a license. His devotion to the church was one side of his charity, along with his gift giving to parishioners, among other services. The friar is said to be one to give gifts to people so that they would later repent of their sins “in sincerity” and be cleansed of them (Chaucer 128-129). His actions seem ideal and kind-hearted until it is made evident that Chaucer actually uses the friar to satirize charity, especially within the church. Although he would give gifts, the poorer members of society would end up paying him back, proving him not as altruistic as previously thought. A character like the plowman, however, is more sincere in his
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