Medium Brown Hair

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Miraculous Medium Brown Hair: Hot Toffee, Caramel, Chestnut, And So Much More!

What a professional look? Or a vacation style? Maybe you need to cover gray hair or want a pretty fall look? Well, the style you need is right here and its medium brown hair.
Medium brown consists of a huge range of brunette shades and the most popular of these at the moment are caramel, chestnut, chocolate, and hazelnut. You can use these shades combined with sorrels or bronze shades, blondes and even dark colors like chocolate cherry (deep brunette with red or purple undertones) or midnight ruby (dark mahogany). Brunette ombres, in particular, are a gorgeous look, which works with any length hair and any skin color. Don’t believe us? Check out these 60 amazing examples of beautiful medium brown hair:
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Between the dark caramel colored locks above and the sorrel waves below this lowlight layer creates the illusion of catching the light in a most extraordinary way. If you look carefully you see this pattern is repeated again just below and matches the wave styling perfectly.

# 2 Medium Brown Hair – Maximum Beauty
For this gorgeous and creamy dark to light brown ombre, the stylist used a few different but complimenting shades of brown. The look starts with deep sable brown roots which were blended into a layer of milk chocolate. Streaks of caramel also begin at this layer and were used to color the edges with the chocolate shade acting as contrast.

# 3 Formal Hot Toffee and Chestnut Blend
Do you need a formal or wedding hairstyle? Medium brown is a wonderful shade to consider especially for those with creamy complexions like this model. Her medium length hair looks sleek and natural, colored with a well-blended palette of hot toffee and chestnut shades.

# 4 Ginger

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