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Review of the literature
Medium of instruction
Language is at the center of all the teaching and learning activities because it is the main source and medium for transformation of knowledge. Language use to taught and to impart instructions in any sector, subject and at and any level of learning is called Medium of instruction. The medium of instruction is a debatable issue at all levels, especially in the society like Pakistan in which various systems of education are followed.
In Pakistan and other counties of the world prefer English as a medium of instruction so in these countries private and public sectors use English as medium of instruction. As we know English is foreign language and language of science and technology. So, for science subjects in Punjab Province, Pakistan English use as a basic language. For us English is a secondary language so It is
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Consequences of second language
Many research works have been done in this respect globally as well as locally. In most of the researches, the results show that students are having problems with respect to the medium of instruction. More recently findings show the ineffectiveness of using English as the medium of instruction and the drawbacks encountered by the students.
Use of second language had significance negative effects on academic self-concept, academic vocabulary and academic achievement. The recent research will indicate the effects, difficulties with respect of language and its impact on grades of students. Recently conducted study will have important implications in educational sectors. By assessing the effects of change in the medium of instruction, we can design suggestions for the educational institutions and sectors to remove the problems in order to increase academic achievement of the students According to (Marsh, et al,

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