Mein Kampf Hitler Essay

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As most know the Holocaust was a genocide where millions of Jews were massacred by orders of Adolf Hitler. Born April 20, 1889, Adolf Hitler was leader of the National Socialist party, most commonly known as the Nazi. Hitler was also the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 through 1945. He led the country of Germany into World War II in 1939. Hitler believed the Jews were responsible for all of the problems and evils in the world. He also believed they were responsible for Germany 's defeat in the war. He wrote in his autobiographical book, Mein Kampf, that Jews were Germany’s true enemy. In his eyes they were not a race, but an anti-race. The Jews of Germany were no longer considered citizens of Germany. They were arrested and incarcerated in…show more content…
They were actually taken better care of then those who did not work in the brothels. The women were forced to abort their fetus. However they were treated medically, better fed, and housed better than the other prisoners. These women took advantage of their situation and used their relationship with prisoners with benefits to negotiate better positions in the prison pyramid. Women had more likelihood of surviving in brothel camps. This was not the case for all women. Pregnant Jewish women and mothers of small children were to sent to killing centers. They were usually in the first group to be sent into the gas chambers. Women who came into concentration camps who were visibly pregnant were gassed on sight. The women who came to the camp early on in their pregnancy were usually able to hide it. Other women would often assist them when giving birth. Josef Mengele, SS physician known for his inhumane medical experiments inside the concentration camps, a newborn should not die alone so he had both the mother and baby gassed. The other women prisoners in the barracks would typically drowned or pinch the baby 's nostrils in order to restrain the mother from being executed. 90% of pregnancies had been aborted after German men returned
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