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Home Remedies to get rid of Melasma Every one wants healthy glowing skin irrespective of men or women as well as wants to look beautiful with great personality. But some disorders kill our lives and lower our confidence to live freely. We start hiding at home because of these disorders. Melasma is one of them which decrease the confidence of living in women. It is a type of disorder which solely affects skin. Melasma is also known as mask of pregnancy & Chloasma Faciei. Melasma is a skin disorder which occurs in women’s skin. It is one type of tanning of skin through sun rays or excessive sun exposure without using any SPF on skin or skin discoloration dark patches. Being a major skin disorder, melasma or hyper pigmentation results into the development of brown dark patches on face. These happen because of uneven distribution of skin pigment melanin in the skin. Anyone can face…show more content…
How can we cure Melasma through herbal treatments? There are many home remedies which can be treated through herbals and natural ways other than treating by any chemical or laser surgery. Here is a list of 30 natural cures for Melasma as follows: 1. Lemon juice: Lemon juice contains acid and it is rich in vitamin C which is essential for skin. It enhances our beauty and cures skin diseases by bringing glow on face. It is best way to cure Melasma. How to use it to cure? Apply gently on your face and massage for some seconds and then leave it on face for 15 min. then wash off with lukewarm water. Regular use of lemon juice till a month will cure Melasma and dark spots on your skin. Lemon juice with honey solution or lemon juice with turmeric paste can also cure the disease. If you leave the paste for 20-30 min. on your skin it will show a very good result. But using every day is recommended. 2. Turmeric

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