Essay On Members Of Congress

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The primary goal of most members of Congress would most likely to be re- elected. Most members of the Congress have an advantage because they are able to raise more money and mount a stronger campaign, while having better name recognition and good reputation during their term in office. This may be bad for the democratic government, since Congress wouldn’t really prioritize the citizens. As Congress is the legislative, lawmaking, branch of the United States national government it shares power with the president and the Supreme Court. Being the members of the Congress has the responsibility of making laws for the people, levy taxes, authorize the borrowing of money, declare war, and regulate commerce. As it is where the real power lies and has the biggest impact on the lives of Americans, the members of Congress primary goal should be making good public policies that resolves society’s political issues.…show more content…
Then goals should be selected through an open and participatory process with the public to focus on the important areas and potential issues. As there is engagement between the members of Congress and the public, Congress should have more transparent data and a good decision making will. The ultimate goal for the members of Congress would be gaining back the Americans trust and be more open on transactions and data. By doing so the public may be able to be well informed and not be in ignorance from politics and law- making. Since the United States is a democratic country, the government should not be the ones who control the people. If more citizens were to be more informed about what is going on in the transaction and laws from the legislative branch, then there would be more voting participations and trust back to the
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