Essay On Memorial Day

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Memorial day, an emotional road for many. This event occurs on every last Monday of May. Memorial is to remember veterans who have been injured or killed in a war. Memorial Day is one of the two days every year used to honor our veterans. Although, the earliest history of Memorial day is somewhat unknown. From a personal experience of my grandfather who was in a grim war was left with horrid memories. Sadly, many Americans do not respect the morals of this sad day. To begin, Memorial day began in 1869, on May 5. It was first called Decoration Day, but was later changed in 1967, to Memorial Day. This event is to remember those who died in service. Nevertheless, this day is hard to date back but, it still has caused a big impact in our history.…show more content…
The South refused to acknowledge this day, as they found they should be able to honor the veterans on separate days. Their thoughts later changed after the war. Although, the North immediately accepted Memorial day. Many cities today have a parade, marching soldiers fill the streets with firefighters, cops, and other service jobs. Thousands of U.S. Citizens do crowd the streets, holding the American flag, singing songs, and giving out flowers. Mainly, on every year I call my grandfather, we talk about the war he endured and how is day is going. One thing my grandpa says every year is “Don't take anything for granted, everything can change in a blink of an eye” Though, he now has metal everywhere in his legs and gets very clumsy he is still extremely funny. Sadly, since America’s freedom is vast, many Americans forget some of the everyday values. In conclusion, Memorial Day should be a day for all. Many military veterans would like Memorial Day to be a day of recognition and gratitude for all their work. As Memorial Day approaches us,it will be contemplated by many. Remember to respect the men and women who fight for your country, as you might encounter or be a military veteran
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