What Is The Importance Of Memory Essay

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Memory is a way of knowing. It is the mental capacity to encode, store and retrieve information. Trough memory we carry knowledge we have gained from our skills, our past, our experiences.. Through our memory, we grow our personal sense of identity and our sense of our place within the shared knowledge and shared life in our community.
How is memory affected by traumatic events? Are emotional events more likely to be remembered and more accurate? What do we edit out of our memory and normal process of forgetting?
Memory and imagination can play a role in reason, sense perception, language and emotion. And I’m going to prove this using real life examples.
One of the famous real life example is eye witness testimony. Eye witness testimony
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In eye witness cases, when somebody is scared for his life, his memory will play tricks on him, he will focus on what can hurt him, not the person but the weapons. This disables his brain to look at details sometimes as clear as, the length of the persons hair, or if he is holding the weapon with his right or left hand. Also, the fact of being in a very stressful situation will trigger nerves in your brain that will automatically stop the function of a sense perception to enable another to work…show more content…
How reliable is it to trust your memory in this situation? Simple, we cant. In this situation, a déjà vu may be the result of a mismatch in how we are simultaneously sensing and perceiving the world around us. Perhaps, for example, we smell soothing familiar and our mind is instantly transported to the first time we smelled it. This can be emotionally related, for example, the good old smell of grandmas cooking. That is just a vague theory and doesn’t really explain why most déjà vu episodes don’t reflect true past
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