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A lot of people and especially chemists know what is it periodic table. If we ask someone a question about the creator of the periodic table, he/she will answer us that this was Mendeleev, because modern periodic table has name “D. I. Mendeleev Periodic table”. But is he really was the creator of the periodic table? If no, who was? And why people modernized Mendeleev’s periodic table? All this questions are very interesting, and I will try to explain answers on them, to understand the importance of the periodic table in our time.

First of all, let’s take a look on the history of the formation of periodic table. This is strange, but the one who began to place chemicals in order was not Mendeleev. It was Alexandre Béguyer de Chancourtois.It doesn’t mean that he made P.T, but he made a very significance step in the
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He produced some periodic tables between 1864-1870.” His first table contained just 28 elements, organized by their valency (how many other atoms they can combine with). In 1868 he incorporated the transition metals in a much more developed table. This 1868 table listed the elements in order of atomic weight, with elements with the same valency arranged in vertical lines,.” But the main thing is that, he was the first person, who saw the periodic trends in the properties of elements
So, we finally come to the Mendeleev and his “discovery”. After reading about other scientists it is start to be understandable, that Mendeleev didn’t open periodic table. “But his attempt that was so successful that it now forms the basis of the modern periodic table.”It happened in February of 1869.He worked on the right order when “he understood that, if he put them in order according to the increasing of atomic weight, certain types of element regularly occurred. Initially, the table had similar elements in horizontal rows, but he soon changed them to fit in vertical columns, as we see

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