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Mental Health Counseling
Hello, I am Cooper Henderson. I am a Mental Health Counselor. I chose this job because you get to treat war heroes and other soldiers that come home from war guilty about all the killing they saw or did. My stepfather, my grandfather, and my great grandfather were all soldiers. I bet indians had the same thing because they killed the white man. I say this because I am part indian on my mother 's side and I am related to Sacajawea. Now, enough about me. Let’s talk about this job.
This paragraph is about the educational requirements. This job requires a minimum of five years in college. The maximum is eight years in college. This job requires a degree, the minimum being the Masters. The maximum being a Doctorates.
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Duties of a mental health counselor include conducting mental health assessments, developing individualized treatment plans, leading individual or group therapy sessions, running preventative mental wellness classes or workshops and making treatment referrals. Mental health counselors may work for a school, for a government department or an agency, as part of a social outreach agency or for another entity.” If you want to see where I got the job description, go to the website I hyperlinked for you that has the number ten before it. Next topic is about the required hours/days, where it can be found, and if it is done inside or…show more content…
According to Career,“The advantages to this job are your schedule is flexible and the reward of overcoming your patients challenges. More advantages are the ability to work for yourself, high earnings, and that you get the chance to treat new people every day. The disadvantages to being a Mental Health Counselor are that it can be stressful dealing with tough patients and that you have to deal with your patients on the most inconvenient of times. More disadvantages are that you have to set up your own practice, dealing with billing issues, and that you are so busy with new
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