Essay On Mental Illness In Prison

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Mentally ill prisoners in prison should be well taken care of. These offender need more care than those without a mental illness due to the illness they have they could hurting innocents civilian and guards or other prisoners like themselves or even themselves. Mentally ill offender need more medicines, Improve conditions, and the cost to keep them.
Mentally ill offenders need as much more medicine than inmates without a mental illness,
Therefore without these medicines it will be much difficult to release them to the hand of society. Medical cost: As the population of the prisons keep growing the more expensive the medical finances with cost. As with drug and metal offenders are in prison you will need to take care of them with medicines to help them out. As stated before these offender with “special needs” need more attention than other inmates or offenders.
The Mental illness: These offenders suffer from a wide variety of mental illness from depression
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Offenders with these disorders could be dangerous to other or even themselves.The offenders with disorders like those stated before are close to being released back into society which must be frightening if they do not take their medicines.
Improve conditions
Mental offenders are thrown in a correctional facilities due their crimes, but these offenders should be in a prison or a correctional facility where they do not get the help they need. When in a prison some of these offender could be and will be picked on like a schoolyard which might led to a suicide attempt. A report on mental offender in california have reported that over 30,000 prisoners confined in the state prison.
The cost to keep them:
Mentally ill prisoners cost to keep these prisoner in check or healthy is very costly. The cost of the medicine and Therapies are too expensive to keep.
Mentally ill offenders should not be in prisons but in mental hospitals were they would get the help they

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