Mental Health Media Analysis

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Having explored the supremacy of media we shall now look into the manner media shapes our perception of mental health. Further, we would suggest the role that media can play to improve the mental health scenario.
Mental health is associated with plentiful baseless stigma and misconceptions. Public perception of mental illnesses points towards the lack of awareness among masses. Most of the information that public have about mental illnesses comes from print and electronic media. Thus, it is important to understand the manner in which media depicts mental health.
Thus, media can be used to spread 'Mental Health Literacy' by increased and appropriate coverage of mental issues and concerns. Mental health literacy can help people identify the
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4.2 Newspapers:
Newspapers are widely used by masses as a source of information. Because of its lower prices, easy availability and multi lingual provisions, it has the potency to reach one and everyone. This advantage of newspapers over other forms of media makes it one of the most helpful tools that can help in mental health literacy. These days, mental health professional have started to write columns in the newspapers to help people deal with their day to day psychological issues. Such initiatives are required at a larger level in media to make people realize that mental health is as important as physical health.
Gul, Chaudhary & Mishra (2015), conducted 'A Study of the extent and nature of coverage of Mental Health issues in Newspapers'. They concluded that out of 196 newspaper clippings of three newspapers: The Times of India (TOI), Punjab Kesari (PK) and The Daily Ajit (DA), mental health issues were featured on the first page only in 16.9% cuttings of PK, 7.7% of TOI and 9.6% in DA.
Hence, to sensitize people towards mental health, more coverage should be devoted to mental health issues, their prognosis and treatment
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