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Merengue genre that inspires the soul to sing and dance

The purpose of this essay is to express about the history and importance of the genre Merengue in Latino America. In this music review in which I will articulate about the different aspects of the genre such as: the traditions and influences behind this genre. Merengue is the traditional dance and music of the Dominican Republic, but merengue is welcome in other countries of the Caribbean with great devotion. The merengue is acknowledged to be adrenaline made music. A fast pace, fun and friend of the popular festivals. The instruments use is so powerful that it can change any person mood. Merengue is very inspiring, happy, passionate and enthusiastic genre. Merengue is considered an integral part of the national identity of the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, a brief description of the history of Merengue in the Caribbean and the instruments uses in the genre.

The origin of Merengue begins with the colonial era, during the second half of the nineteenth century commence its development. In the beginning merengue was attribute to people from rural areas until it began to extent to urban areas. The most influential compositor in the establishment of this genre is Francisco “Ñico” Lora” even though he work was recognized as merengue, in rural area was more known as “Perico
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This changes drastically when Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ascended in power and became a dictator in the Dominican Republic from 1930-1961. Trujillo’s desire was Perico Ripiao to be recognized as the national genre and with his influences merengue acquire a lot popularity among all the sector in the country. One of the most known figure was Luis Alberti who took components from the American Big Band. Perico Ripiao advanced its evolution separated from the merengue of orchestra, that was the styled that cross

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