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Mesopotamia Civilization: During this civilization, people decided to build distinct houses and temples that were dedicated to a certain gods and goddesses. Also, they had walls to protect them from enemies or invaders. In terms of their economy, Mesopotamians traded precious stones like. Also, they grew crops specifically flax which was used for oil, net, clothing and food. They considered flax as their major crop. They also have an existence of the earliest form of writing which was called cuneiform. The Mesopotamian civilization was developed 6000 years ago and is located in the Fertile Crescent which is now the modern day Iraq. In Mesopotamia, there is an existence of a social structure that was divided into four. The priests were considered…show more content…
Archaeologists found out that their houses are one or two floors high and made of baked bricks. Each house was designed to be surrounded by an open courtyard and have running waters with a fountain for drinking and bathing which are connected to the pipes with running water to carry off the waste to a sewer under their street. It was thought that this civilization was composed of a small number of towns, but it was later found out that there is an extension of the Indus River that found a large number of similar houses and they concluded that the Indus Valley civilization was a very large…show more content…
Even though they were one of the first civilizations in the world, they already practiced the importance of sanitation. In the field of Science, this civilization achieved an accuracy in measuring. They were the first one to have a system of uniform weights and measures. One of the Harappans gifts to us is showing us how to live in peace despite the large number of people of their civilization. Also, they said that the Harappans are the ones that discovered the dice and chess which are some of the contributions left by the Indus to our modern

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