Eating Bad Fat Research Paper

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If you have been trying to lose weight and blast the stubborn belly fat without any success, it is very likely that you are killing your metabolism with some of these metabolism killers. From eating the wrong fats, eating too many or too little carbs , and doing the wrong exercises, your daily habits could be affecting your fat-burning process.

The 8 Metabolism Killers Keeping Your Overweight and Unhealthy

1. High-Carb Breakfast

While it is generally believed that those who eat a large breakfast have smaller waistlines, in many people it causes different effect and makes them even hungrier. If this sounds familiar, it is very likely that your “healthy breakfast” like bagel, fruit, or cereal, is high in carbs.

Given that the insulin levels are high in the morning, eating a high-carb meal increases them even more,
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Low-Protein Lunch

The body goes through a process of protein turnover during the day, meaning that it breaks down its muscle tissues. Many people fail to get enough protein from their diet, which makes them unable to maintain lean mass. Protein is needed for muscle building and tissue repair, so low protein intake causes the muscle to deteriorate. In addition to this, improper protein intake leads to poor skin health muscle loss, fatigue, cravings, weakness, and brain fog.

3. Skipping Meals

Skipping meals is one of the most common metabolism killers these days. When on a calorie-restrictive diet, the body enters into a survival mode in which it saves energy by reducing pulse, slowing thyroid function, and lowering body temperature.

Common signs of this problem include stress, low energy, stubborn belly fat, cold hands and feet below 98.6, and food cravings.

Since we are led to believe that the key to losing weight lies in calorie deficit, many people choose to start dieting. However, this may lead to decrease in muscle mass, increase in stress hormones, decrease in energy levels, and slowed thyroid function.

4. High-Stress
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