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When we speak of the cycle of addiction, we are addressing issues like why addicts have so much difficulty kicking the habit. A big part of these issues is withdrawal symptoms. When it comes to a drug like meth or methamphetamine, we are dealing in the realm of quite serious street drugs. The more serious the drug, the more harsh the withdrawal symptoms tend to be. That's certainly the case with meth withdrawal symptoms.

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Generally, the withdrawal symptoms related to most illicit drugs will tend to look similar. In the case of meth withdrawal symptoms, there are definite signs that would be considered common. Any attempt by the user to stop using meth after extended periods of abuse can result in
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By keeping the detox process in house, we can effectively keep the continuity of treatment under one roof. That's something that has a great deal of appeal for patients who might not have ever experienced the treatment process under the care of a professional treatment center.

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Through our years of treatment experience, Beaches Recovery of Jacksonville, Florida has successfully found a treatment approach that works on a consistent basis. Our counselors and clinicians use a variety of treatment options to be able to customize a treatment plan for each patient. They do this to assure each patient gets treatment that makes sense based on the patient’s specific circumstances. To facilitate this treatment plan design process, our staff incorporates one or more of the following treatment options: (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) Outpatient treatment - basic and intensive (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) Inpatient treatment – basic and extended care (more than 90 days) (-- removed HTML

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