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.4.1.2. Methane Drainage
Another way of preventing methane explosion is through the drainage of methane gas from the workplace. If the concentration of methane is reduced, the chances of having an explosion will also decrease. Methane gas is drained from the face and further be used for other function such as the production of fuel. In this method the coal seam must have high permeability. The holes are drilled into the coal seam at a certain depth. Methane gas is then drained out through the pipes out of the seam to the surface. The drainage should continue up to at least six months. [6] Figure 9: Methane drainage [10] Dilution
If the methane concentration is very high above the limit it can be diluted with air. Methane con-centration
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Violent movement of air where by the gas molecules starts to mix with air. Gas ignition explosion occurs and the volume increases rapidly. Coal dust that is on the sides and floor is then lifted and explode. Pressure increases causing pressure waves. [12]

2.5.2. Prevention of coal dust explosion
Coal dust is very hazardous and can lead to high fatality in the mines. Measures must be in place to ensure that the problem of coal dust explosion is prevented. It does not only affect the workers, it also affects the production rates. The following precautions should be taken in every coal mine for prevention of coal dust explosion:
• The suppression of coal dust at the places where it is created by watering down.
• Cleaning up the mine and removing any accumulation while ensuring that there is less dis-posal of coal dust into the air
• Prevent the ignition sources of coal dust explosion such as methane
• All the worked out areas must be sealed off
• Application of stone dust which is incombustible in the workplace to prevent combustion from taking place. [13]
Stone dust
• The stone dust used must be not cake easily and must be able to disperse into the air.
• It must have at least 95 percent of incombustible material and toxic material contained must be less than 5

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