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1. Introduction:
Methanogenesis is the process of formation of methane by some microorganisms commonly known as methanogens under anaerobic conditions. Methanogens belongs to the kingdom Archaea and are the most diverse group amongst the known members of the domain. These microorganisms drew the attention of whole world due to their significant contribution to the global methane emissions and their wastewater treatment ability. Methanogens can produce methane using different organic and inorganic compounds such as carbon dioxide, acetate etc. Methanogens can also utilize the waste products of different bacteria to produce methane. Methane production can be used by the
Methane production is a very versatile process which can utilize various
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They are the microbes which can thrive in anaerobic conditions such as bottom of the water bodies, paddy fields, dumping grounds or in specialized environments- rumen bacteria to produce methane using organic matter. The rumen bacteria form a symbiotic environment to a staggering amount of methane from cellulose. These bacteria produces 4x10^5 tonnes of methane daily.
Methane generation-Anaerobic Digester (AD)/UASB
Growth of methanogens
The isolation and culturing of methanogens is very difficult as most of them are strict anaerobes. So, even a very small contamination of oxygen can ruin the culture. The anaerobic culture requires specific techniques such as pressurized culture vessels for liquid cultures, roll tubes for solid cultures. These techniques were compiled by Balch et al. (1979) in his review paper.
1.1. Biochemistry
The primary fermentation i.e. breakdown of macromolecules such as carbohydrates, proteins lipids etc. results in formation of acetate, formate, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The methanogens produces methane by mainly two pathways: Carbon dioxide reduction and acetate conversion. But methanogens can also convert formate, methanol, methylamines, and CO into

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