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Cultural Awareness of Mexico
Culture is the shared patterns of behaviors, characteristics, interactions and knowledge of a particular group of people. Culture encompasses what we wear, how we wear it, religion, food, music, our language and marriage (Kim Ann Zimmermann July 12, 2017).
Mexican traditional clothing combines European and native elements. Wool, cotton, silk, agave and bark are the fibers of choice across the country that make up Mexican clothing. Past Mexican clothing was dyed using natural local components found in plants. Imported from Europe aniline dyes was the first dying choice. Ancient Aztec clothing often colorful and loose fitting. Huipil, traditional garments worn by indigenous women of Central America and Central Mexico would have ribbons, lace and other intricate designs. These are just a few of Mexicans traditional clothing (Facts about Mexico no date).
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Consumed in all possible forms, corn is roasted or cooked in various different ways. Cooked Tortillas made from corn dough come in many sizes are thin and round. Tortillas accompanied most meals and are normally filled with meat or other ingredients. Mexicans eat a light breakfast of fruit and coffee. Dinner the most important meal of the day consists of soup, pasta, rice, and chicken normally served between two and four in the afternoon (Facts about Mexico no date).
Religion of Mexico, Roman Catholics in Mexico make up 85%-90% of the religious culture. Protestants make up 6% of the population. Other religions include Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and other which are practiced by a minority of Mexicans. Traditions of Mexican religion traced to ancient civilizations once ruled pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Aztec was the most famous and influential civilization that absorbed other tribes and people. Catholicism a present Mexican religion is a big part of Mexican culture (Traditional Mexican

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