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Mexicans complain about the ignorance of the gringos, they (the Americans) the vast majority believe that cinco de Mayo is Mexico 's independence day; the people in general congratulates paisanos Benito Juárez, asks a Crown with "lime" and says bonachonamente:-Feeliz C 'inco di Maaaahio! Senior American politicians and Mexican Masonic Lodges also celebrate year after year this day, but their reasons are less innocent.

The Mexican people believes that a battle occurred in 146 years ago, on May 5, 1862, hundreds of indigenous zacapoaxtlas commanded by General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated the invasive and imperial troops from France who came to invade Mexico ostensibly to collect a debt from you. This is the official version and all Mexican shouts it and celebrate it as if it had happened yesterday and as if some his grandfather would have been defender of the homeland.

The sad reality: in 1841, Mexico was stripped of the territories of Texas, in 1848 loses more than half of its territory (the States of California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah and part of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming). In just 10 years the Mexican conservatives, faced the imminent risk of annexation total of what was left of Mexico to the nascent Anglo-American Empire,
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As history winners write it, General Ignacio Zaragoza and Benito Juárez García names are written in golden letters on the walls of the Congress of the Union, French troops were proclaimed invasive, allies who sought to rescue the lost were shot and declared traitors to the homeland and cinco de Mayo was formalised as a day of glory for Mexico and is held every year in Washington D. C. , U S. A., with the smile, stupid and drunk of the Mexican people ignorant of its history (not all, fortunately).

I want to make it clear that the United States of America are not bad film, Mexicans who have been corrupted by them are those who should be prosecuted, Benito Juárez in the first place. For the traitors to the homeland: happy Cinco de
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