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1. What myths do you perceive in the traditional narrative of the Mexican Revolution?

• Francisco Villa: Thief or Social Fighter
Francisco Villa was seen as an outlaw hero. When Villa was young he was considered a bandit, he was born under the name of Doroteo Arango and changed his name to Villa to escape the law. He used to steal trains and land from the rich people to distribute them among the poor population. That´s the reason he was considered the Robin Hood of the Mexican Revolution by the poor and oppressed. He was inspired by the revolts conducted by Madero and during that time his military career grew. Then Villa and Emiliano Zapata met and decided to go to Mexico City to remove Carranza from power. At that time, Villa became a famous hero when he sat on the presidential chair for a photo in the National Palace. He became
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One of their most common characteristics was their patriotism. They have been associated to liberal or civilian politicians. They were willing to give their lives for their country and they became heroes to the people. They kept a hero image of bravery with a promise of a better life that moved the oppressed masses.

3. Describe the top 5 political values you think permeate Mexico today.

• Patriotism- Emotional attachment to each own country or nation.
• Justice- The fair treatment for everybody under the government.
• Freedom - Represents the liberty of each person to decide and act for themselves.
• Democracy - system of government where the members of the state are elected by the population.
• Equality - when all a country´s population has the same opportunities, rights and access to all services and goods.

4. What kind of political values from this era/period, do you think survive until today in Mexico’s political culture?

The political values that I believe will continue nowadays

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