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Today, in America, there is a alarming number of micro aggresions and trigger warnings rising from the shadows. Students are becoming thin skinned, and their ability to take a joke is non existent. What does this say about our country? Do we not accept diversity, and witticism about ones race? Or is it a trend to be over sensitive and fight for what you believe is emotionally disturbing? We need to ask ourselves, how are trigger warnings and micro aggressions affecting the way we see and interetact with our fellow students? We are now seeing the effects of outragious amount of trigger warning being implemented in our school systems. Teachers are being regulated on the subjects they can and cannot teach due to what some students might consider…show more content…
The inspiration for the camel had almost certainly come from a popular TV commercial in which a camel saunters around an office on a Wednesday, celebrating “hump day”; it was devoid of any reference to Middle Eastern peoples. Nevertheless, the group organizing the event announced on its Facebook page that the event would be canceled because the “program [was] dividing people and would make for an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe environment.” This quote shows how far this trend of micro aggresions have come, and it is time that our school system did something about it. My proposal claim is rather than to shelter our students from micro aggresions and trigger warnings, which they will undoubtedly encounter, colleges and as far as the government, should focus on educating students on how to thrive on a world where they will hear and see things that might make them uncomfortable. I propose we teach students cognitive therapy so they could go on life with valueable skills on how to deal with diversity, skills that they could implement throughout their entire

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