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Methods of control microbial growth can be divided in two categories, physical and chemical. Physical methods mean the methods of control microbes, or decrease number of microbes in a solution, or activity of the total microbial flora is affected in two basic ways either by killing microorganisms or by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.
Controlling of microorganisms is done to prevent transmission of disease and poison, to prevent infection by the growth of unwanted microorganisms and to prevent decline and spoilage of materials by microorganisms. Control of microorganisms usually involves the use of physical agents and chemical agents.
Sterilize or disinfect are the agents of microbial control. Disinfecting agents kill microbes and stop the growth of others. . Sterilizing agents kill every living thing by eliminating the living source of infection. More techniques simply provide disinfection. Several factors affect the effectiveness of several way of control microbial growth. These include size of population, weakness of microorganism to the agent, awareness of the quantity used, and the extent of treatment.
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It is the most effective methods of killing microorganisms. Dry heat is used to sterilize surfaces, and materials, e.g., glass Petri dishes and culture vessels, and metal surgical instruments. Dry heat spears more slowly than moist heat which destroys microorganisms by coagulating their proteins and also destroys microorganisms by oxidizing their chemical residents. Moist heat spears more quickly than dry heat, and is used to sterilize culture solutions and agar preparations, and to sterilize surgical instruments etc. Pressurized steam heat is needed to kill bacterial endospores. Typically a pressure of 15 psi is needed to create steam at a high temperature (121°C) to kill endospores. As an example spores of Clostridium botulinum are killed in within 20 minutes by moist heat at

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