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It really doesn't matter what style you prefer when fashioning your eyebrows, as long as they're done right. Right? Pretty much, but remember, your eyebrows are one of the most powerful and important features on your face. They can completely transform your look and bring out features people never noticed before. Perhaps in the past you've relied on pencils or brow gel to try and complete your look.. times have changed. Now, there's a semi-permanent solution that will save you time in the morning and give you the look that you've been searching for.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to your brow problems – whether yours are exceptionally thin or you just want to improve the shape and need a helpful guide to keep them right. If your eyebrows are over-plucked, naturally thin or you have experienced hair loss due to alopecia or cancer treatment, then microblading is the perfect solution. It's also a great way to define or reconstruct brows as well as cover up gaps.

The finished product is a natural looking brow. Essentially, it's much like a tattoo. However, the difference is that your technician will implant the pigment with a manual tool that is handheld versus a tattoo machine. The technician will use the tool to make small hair-like inciscions that mimic eyebrow hair. It isn't as
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Generally speaking, for the first week you should avoid working out as you don't want to sweat. It's also important to avoid moisture altogether for your brows. It's normal to experience some itching which you can alleviate with Vaseline. Don't worry if your brows look too dark, the color will fade as the pigment settles. The technician will provide you with the ointments you need to look after your new brows and once the mild swelling clears up, redness fades, and the pigment settles you'll get a clearer look at just how amazing your look
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