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Microwaves is an electromagnetic radiation. Its wavelength is in the ranging of 30 meter to 30 millimeter and its frequency is range from 30MHz to 30GHz. An electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum) is means by the broad range of a wavelengths. The electromagnetic spectrum is specified into seven regions which started from the lowest wavelength, highest frequency and energy. Then, microwaves located between the radio waves and infrared which also means that the microwaves is overlap with the highest frequency and also known as the shortest wavelength of the radio waves. With the speed of light, microwaves travels in vacuum.
Microwaves can be split into three categories, which is three different ranges, from high frequency to low frequency. Firstly,
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First of all, metal surfaces can reflect microwaves. It also can causes the atoms or molecules in the materials vibrate by heating the materials. Next, microwaves is able to pass through glasses and plastics. It also can pass through the atmosphere and the ionosphere is also can passed through by microwaves without being reflected. Besides, depends on the frequency of microwaves, it can be absorbed by water molecules. Other than that, the transmission of microwaves is also affected by different kind of wave effects which are reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction and…show more content…
The frequency of the microwaves oven is 2.45GHz. An alternating field is induced by microwaves in the oven. There are polar molecules in the water, which means by they have slightly positive charge at one end and a slightly negative charge at the other end. The water molecules strongly absorb the microwaves, then the molecules will vibrate and hence the kinetic energy in the molecules will be increased. Materials that contains water can be heated by using microwaves, for example food. The heat is spread through the food by the processes of conduction and convection. The range of the microwave frequency is specially selected so that the polar molecules can try to maintain their orientation with the electric fields. The energies is then to be absorbed and the temperature is also increased. The process is called dielectric

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