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The Middle Path vs The Extreme Ends The word Middle path in Buddhism is the context that is opposite to Extreme path. Before the Buddha found the way to the middle path and enlightened, he has traveled extreme path before. He was a prince in the palace. He has been pampered with the pleasure from consuming various kinds of erotic ligature. "Middle Path” is a word that people are familiar with, but at the same time, this is a very common misconception. Some people understand that the middle path is the way in the middle between good and evil. If this is understood this way, then middle path mean half bad, half good. That’s not the real meaning of the middle path, people often understand that. Like saying, “stay in the middle, do not be too hard, do not move too right or left, do not be too strict, or do not be too good. Now, the middle path is an excuse for people to weaken in the practice. That 's not the middle path in Buddhism. The middle path in Buddhism is to be the middle between the two extreme paths. The left is not worth it, the right one is not right. It 's bad in the…show more content…
This is craving and wanting thing that can make us happy, and its cause suffer. Extreme path in mental state of unsatisfied make us feel bad on what we lost or cannot accomplish. However, we can solve these problems of wanting and unsatisfied by using consciousness. Consciousness in mind function to not blamed on the emotions that occur. These emotions that are not rejoicing or grieving, when it’s happened, the mind lose its balance, but the quick alert will remind us to know those emotions and pull the heart out of that mood to return to normal mindfulness. Consciousness allowing us not to fall into envy, especially jealousy in the way of speech, vocal, or action. Including perseverance, it is in the right way, not in the way of something to

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