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Migrant Workers Should be Welcomed

Migrant workers are people who leave their hometowns to live and work in other cities or countries. Everyday, there are people moving from one place to another, it may because of wanting to change a working environment, to break away from unemployment, or to find new opportunities for self-development. People may say that those immigrants bring many negative impacts on the places they moved to live and work, however, in my opinion, whenever in economic, cultural and social aspect, they bring much more advantages to those places.

First, the diaspora makes positive influences on the economy of a country. In the view of economy, when there are more people are looking for a job, which means the demand for jobs
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However, I think this cannot be agreed. Actually, they can help a city or a country to fulfill the job vacancy that people are not willing to do, as I always believe that jobs should be more than the people, which means that the unemployed should be the people who cannot find a job that was suitable for them or a job they are willing to do, but not meaning that there are no jobs for them. Therefore, the migrant workers can actually help to do something that local people do not want to do, but not occupying the place of locals. In fact, some of the immigrants can yet help providing more opportunities to local people, such that if a new business is started, it must create new jobs for the people.

Overall, it can be concluded that the migrant worker can help developing the economy and promoting the cultural evolution of their host cities and countries, also bringing positive impacts on the social aspect. There should have no reason to against that the foreign workers are always beneficial to the places that they moved to live and

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