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Introduction about Migration Human migration is to move people from one place in the world (country) to another place for the purpose of taking up permanent or semi-permanent residence. The purposes of people moving to another country are usually either for work, education or for the environment. They consider the advantages and disadvantages of staying and leaving including travel costs, time, terrain and transportation. Voluntary migration and involuntary migration Voluntary migration is that people have a choice to either move or don’t move to other places. Involuntary migration is when people have no choice to choose to stay or leave, they are forced to migrate to other places. There are many types of migration. There are Internal migration, External migration, Emigration, Immigration, Population transfer, Impelled migration, Step migration, Chain migration, Return migration and Seasonal migration. Internal migration is to move…show more content…
As I said before, foreign experiences are highly valued here in Cambodia. Followed by 19.2% of the students moved here for education. Education in Cambodia is cheaper than education in developed countries like the US, UK etc. Followed by 5.7% is for Social purposes and the family. Then 3.8% of the students moved here because of the environment. Cambodia has a warm and dry climate, which is good for people who are tired of living through a harsh, snowy winter. Followed by 1.9% of the students moved to Cambodia for the Housing and Economics. The cost of living in Cambodia is really inexpensive. Foreigners tend to have easier and happier lives than they do back in their home countries because they can afford to hire someone to clean up their house because it is really cheap here to do that. Also you can survive on only a few dollars a day because foods here in Cambodia are really inexpensive as

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