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Bible as the book of Migrants

Bible is the book of faith as well as the story of Migrants who experienced God’s presence in their life journey. The story portrayed in the O.T. reveals the rich experience of migrant people and the duties of the migrant community when they settled in the land of Canaan. The story of the Patriarchs and the Exodus community, not only shared the rich experience of God’s providence and deliverance, but also become a firm foundation of the life and faith of the Jewish community. Rereading and re-visiting the stories of the migrant community and their first hand experience of God is the need of the hour. Migration is not a new phenomenon, but globalization and privatization increased migration crisis. Church as a
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Their experience as migrants and the love of Yahweh widened their understanding. Deuteronomy 10:12–22 declares that God loves Israel but that he loves sojourners too. The passage says that he provides them with food and clothing. These benefits, obviously, would have to come through the generosity of God’s people, who also must love the stranger (vv. 14–19; cf. 24:14–15).

Metaphor of migration and Christian faith
The metaphor of migration is deeply rooted in Christian faith. Majority of Christians deeply believe that they are the ambassadors in this world and that they belong to the heavenly realm and just sojourners and strangers in the world. This metaphor plays the key role in understanding the concept of migration though there is a vast difference between the real migration problem and Christian understanding the metaphor of migration. This metaphor may enrich the theological understanding of mission of the church to engage herself with the migrated community.

New Testament community and persecution
The Christian community experienced persecution and spread out from Jerusalem into neighbouring places. The persecution led them to migrate from place to place to secure their life and faith. Jesus and his disciples also travelled from place to place. Hence, the Christian community had firsthand experience of migration and

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