Essay On Militarization Of Police

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Is militarization of the police resolving or creating more problems? Militarization of the police has been in the news a lot lately, the escalation in Ferguson, Missouri led to the United States government giving military equipment to local police . The government and citizens are supposed to work together but still do their own jobs, one of the jobs of the government is to protect ,which means ensure the safety. The United States is causing a mass overwrought and making citizens think that the police are murders, but there are distressing people everywhere. Here is exactly what a portion of the United State thinks from TheDailyUtah ‘’From tanks rolling down the streets in Ferguson, Mo., to cops in riot gear in downtown Salt Lake City, there has been a growing national conversation over the militarization of police, the idea that local law enforcement agencies are becoming too much like the military.”. Ferguson could could have been avoided and reformed through communicating with the populous and not making an apostolate on what we want everyone wants. If the local governments kept better tabs on what 's going on then we could could take a step into peace among the police and people and again the people want this to be done ,here 's what EmergencyMGNT has to say ‘’Here is the big issue. I commented…show more content…
In a perfect world militarization of the police could just be taken back to where they have a badge and a pistol, put that will never happen. The reason why militarization might be happening is because of the growing threat of terrorism. But wouldn 't we need this militarization of the police to counter the attacks from these monstrous terrorist organizations? The United States of America already has this it 's called the Military and they should be our inner defense against the terrorists. The army can take care of the threats wanting to kill the citizens while the officers could protect and
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