Military Diet Plan Essay

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THE MILITARY DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 3 DAYS: Did you ever run out of time? Time to complete pending assignments at work or in workouts. Did your diet plan fail you at the end moment? The 3-day military diet plan can fix it up all for you. This revolutionary weight loss diet plan has the power to revert back all your fat into a tantalizing figure. Losing ten pounds of those flags in three days is usually interpreted as a really starving diet plan. But astonishingly the military diet is apparently the only diet which allows you to enjoy ice cream in your diet plan!! 1.WHAT IS A MILITARY DIET? A military diet is weight loss diet which promises a ten pounds loss of weight in just three days. There are a lot of surprising things about this diet…show more content…
The basic ingredients in the meals of this plan are easily available in almost all parts of the world. You don’t have to spend hours in markets and kitchen to prepare your meals. The meals are simple, yummy and irresistible. No boring salads or soups are to be tolerated anymore in your weight loss diet. 1.2 THE ULTIMATE DIET PLAN: After introducing you with the primer of military diet plan to lose weight fast, let me spread out your entire meal plan. DAY 1: The first day in this diet for weight loss requires you to consume an approximate of 1400 calories. The inclusion of whole wheat bread adds an all new dimension to your weight loss plan. Brown bread is comparatively lesser processed than its white bread counterpart. It also helps in fighting with chronic diseases like constipation and also prevents breast cancer. A slice of brown bread contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This is a very beneficial food to consume in a military 3-day diet if you are looking for lowering down that bad cholesterol level inside your body. So following this meal can be your ultimate guide to say goodbye to that apple-shaped structure. BREAKFAST: 1 Slice of whole wheat
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