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In the Constitution of the United States entrench a requirement and action to have a profession, which ensure the protection and safety of the Nation and State, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, …, provide for the common defence” . Basically, this statement is the presumption, that part of society gain a mandate to render an essential obligation to the Nation in a specific area, in particular case this is a defence. In order to fulfill stated obligation, part of society must have the necessary knowledge and skills. Next, they have to ensure and gain public trust and autonomy in their action. Finally, set high moral standards that reflect the values of society. Fulfilling of these aspects give preconditions to the US Army to gain its status as a profession. Also, it is important to highlight, what the Army does not declare itself to be profession, the Army receives this mandate to be profession from the People of the United States and after all, – “As long as they trust us to provide for their common defense, they will grant the respected status of profession to the Army and provide the autonomy we need to do our work…show more content…
In this environment the US Amy conducts a significant mission to keep and perform its status as a profession. The five essential characteristics “- trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps and stewardship – legitimize the Army as a military profession” and in conjunction with Army Ethic provide a clear guidance how to accomplish this mission. The US Army maintains its status as a profession by trustworthy and effective actions, and sacrifice conduct each and every day. Finally, the United States has the greatest military capabilities, not by numbering, but by the military expertise and a motivation, and spirit of the Army

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