Just War Tradition Essay

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In the Constitution of the United States entrench a requirement and action to have a profession, which ensure the protection and safety of the Nation and State, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, …, provide for the common defence” . Basically, this statement is the presumption, that part of society gain a mandate to render an essential obligation to the Nation in a specific area, in particular case this is a defence. In order to fulfill stated obligation, part of society must have the necessary knowledge and skills. Next, they have to ensure and gain public trust and autonomy in their action. Finally, set high moral standards that reflect the values of society. Fulfilling of these aspects give preconditions…show more content…
Describe the Just War Tradition (JWT) and explain the purpose for it. Why should US Army officers study and understand JWT? Explain. a) Description and Purpose of JWT The word "war" has a clearly association with horror, devastation and injustice. It is hardly to find greater antonyms than "war" and "justice". After all, the law which is inseparable from the justice is understandable as civilized communication and background for nonviolent conflict solving process. On the other hand, the war is also the way to solve conflicts, but in a different way, using the suffering and the price of life. Apparently, because everyone understands that war is extreme and unacceptable social situation, States and international society are trying to find its reasoning or justification. “The just war tradition, and the international law which follows it, is thus a middle-ground moral tradition trying to regulate armed force in a way which is fair, reasonable, and mindful of consequences.” There are three parts of Just War theory, named different in English but common in Latin. “Just ad Bellum” part describes the conditions under which the use of military force is justified, “Jus in Bello” gives guidance how to conduct a war in an ethical manner and “Jus post Bellum” directs how to act in a transition to

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