Essay On Military Suicide

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Suicide is now becoming the leading cause of death among the U.S. military veterans. Suicide occurs when a person chooses to end their life due to they see suicide as the only way out of the problem they may be in. The stress generated by war is one of the many reasons these soldiers choose suicide. Some could not endure what they had been through while at the war. The Department of Veterans Affairs have several programs and services in place to help prevent Veterans from getting to the point of committing suicide.

Suicide among U.S. Veterans
Stress due to war, long durations of overseas tours, and personal issues has soldiers killing themselves and even exceeded the suicide rate over regular civilians. Most of these soldiers are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These soldiers are needed in the military and we cannot bear to lose a spirited and strong patriot who is willing to die for their own country. Army Leaders are trying to do everything they can think of to end the suicide deaths of soldiers and are requesting more mental health professionals to join the military and help out. Considering that the U.S. military suicide rate has been steadily increasing over the past decade, it is obvious that the current military suicide prevention programs are not conductively working, and updated tactics should be implemented.
There are several factors involved when soldiers consider suicide as their way out. These factors include: untreated
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